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Using Ma's products is an amazing experience. My family and I use her products; balm, tinctures, baking mixes and now the pet side of her CBD line. I first met Ma at the Co-Op in El Cajon and I received a sample of her bud balm and bought a cake mix. I swear by her products and continue to refer people to her all the time. Over the years we have tried the latest and greatest CBD products, but it never fails; we go back to Lyn. Her products are what they say they are, her dosages are true to what they say they are. Lyn is a great ambassador for the CBD community, she is a wealth of knowledge and is always open to trying something new. My dogs love her cookies, the horse loves her cookies. The quality of her products is the best that I have found!

Amanda R
I was diagnosed with bells palsy a year ago, I didn't have the face droop, but I did have the 7th cranial nerve inflamed which caused dizziness and excruciating pain for four months straight. The doctors gave me medicine for the nerve pain, but nothing would help. I decided to use Ma Kush’s products. It took me a while after the pain to actually use her products because of all the hearsay about CBD, but I am so very grateful I did! It not only took most of the pain away, so I could be the mom and wife my family depended on, but the anti-inflammatory aspects of the CBD helped the swelling to go down quicker. I also have had mild carpal tunnel for over a year, the doctors sent me to physical therapy and gave me nerve pain pills which made me so dizzy I couldn't do anything during the day. I received some CBD balm from Ma Kush and it is helping the carpal tunnel. I am so very grateful to Ma Kush and her products to help relieve all my physical ailments. 


Mary Jane expert, Lyn Kusher (owner of Ma Kush) has provided me with the best CBD oil on the market. I take a few drops the Chamomile Orange CBD oil before bed to help alleviate my anxiety, aches and insomnia. Another benefit of this oil is that it tastes and smells amazing! It’s like an aromatherapy experience in itself. I’ve achieved better sleep and felt less stressed after using Ma Kush’s products. This is the only CBD oil I’ve tried that I can say actually works for me. Plus, it’s affordable! Lyn truly cares for people and provides the best customer service ever. Thank you, Ma Kush!


The products I can speak positively on now are on human side; The soap and the bud balm that comes in the small tub with a clay like consistency & the ginger/mango oils are all so wonderful and aromatic. The soap takes me back to 1972 Woodstock NY. I also use the CBD drops too - felt good. I believe that you, your products, brand animate peace & spirituality. You are my healer.

Michael L

We have used Ma Kush products for years now.  We are very grateful for Ma's fine-tuned high-quality products. We will continue using Ma Kush's products forever. There is always something new, useful and interesting!  Thank you, Ma Kush!

Chris & Dennis B

I found Ma Kush by complete accident. I wasn't sure what I was looking for. I was new to the medical cannabis scene, but I knew I needed to try something new for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I thought I would give her balms a go, at that point I had nothing to lose. I was already in pain and progressing faster than I had expected. While I was testing out her products on me, I found her CBD oil.  My children and I all have Celiac Disease. All three of us have many different symptoms. My son has the worse reactions. One of them is horrific morning sickness. He was missing school and really missing out on life. I thought we'd give the CBD a go. Just a little at bedtime and in about a week he began to see an improvement. By the time that little bottle was done he was a new kid. It's like it reset his system. He's never has those issues again. He does do a weekly maintenance program to stay healthy. 

That was all we needed to show us how cannabis does heal! 

We have a dog that has some auto-immune issues and was losing his hair and his agility. He was only 1 year old. Again, we reached out to Ma Kush and she had a pet tincture; again, we saw amazing results.

My experience of Ma Kush products are they work better than any CBD product I’ve tried in the past for pain relief, skin issues and my pets feel better as well. I trust I will always have a clean, pure product that works!!!!

Sally C

I am writing this letter in regard to Ma Kush. She has been a good friend for many years. I want to say what a hard worker and very professional worker she is. I’ve had lots of health problems and her products always do the trick. I’ve tried many other products, and nothing even compares to her’s. She even carries products for your dogs. My aches and pains are gone thanks to Ma Kush. Thanks for your wonderful products.

Chriss M

Dear Lyn (Ma Kush),
I’m writing to let you know how much I, my family and friends enjoy and appreciate your products! The quality is superb, and the results achieve are significant.
We have tried other products that failed to meet their claims. Your products are unsurpassed in purity, quality and efficiency! My friends and I are experiencing relaxation and soothing comfort from using your products on a consistent basis!
Thank you for all the knowledge, experience and ability demonstrated in your products! They work and perform better than promised. We can’t wait to try your higher potency products.

Karin V

Lyn - I think you are the greatest and you've helped me so much with your oils. My arthritis was really bad - now I can hike, walk, ride a bike without all the pain I was having. I feel you're going to go a long way with this. People need this and they need to hear about it again and again. Thank you so much.

Vicki W

I just wanted to thank you for making such incredible products! I have used other CBD products in the past, but none seem to have the quality and potency that yours do. I use your tinctures and rub and have had fantastic results with both! My fiancé and I are both bodybuilders and the rub is the best thing we have ever used for our sore muscles and joints. I use the tincture for anxiety and to help with inflammation especially with my ovarian cysts. It is literally the only thing I have found that works to keep them away! Thank you, thank you, thank you again! Your products are truly amazing!!! 

Mariah L

I’ve known Lyn for many years now, beginning when our sons were in elementary school and they became friends hence we did also. From back in the day, Lyn was always conscious of healthy eating and had a great knowledge of spices, herbs, and nutrition. I was not surprised when she turned her passion into a career…. Ma Kush makes exceptional products with the best ingredients, her oils are lab tested so only the best are being used, and she strives for natural organic ingredients. I love the lip balm; my animals love the biscuits and I feel the same about her cookies! The CBD ointments have worked for me and I’ve recommended them to my friends. Lyn is extremely creative in all her endeavors and it shows in her wide range of exceptional products. 

Suzanna A

Lyn - Thank you! I want you to know I have tried a few different CBD’s and yours is by far the best for me. I sing your praises every chance I get. Thank you again.  

Cheryl H

Lyn – This is a quick note to send you a long overdue “Thank You”. As you know I had tried other CBD products and was left wanting/needing more. My back was always sore, and I hadn’t been sleeping well. Between your balm and CBD drops I’m back to getting a full night sleep. Additionally, because of my experience with your products, I referred a friend who has arthritis in his hands. He started using your balm and within a couple days, he texted me to let me know how amazed he was at how well it reduced the pain in his joints. Should I tell you how effective your dog treats are? You get the picture.

Can I also tell you how much I appreciate your sincere enthusiasm for your products and life in general. You sold us on Ma Kush’s products because of your smile and excitement. With proven results, it makes a lot easier to stand by your products.  

Bart E

Dear Ma Kush,
Thank you first for making a difference in my daily routine! Simple as your products seem, the value to my body is vital. The difference in your products versus the others is LOVE. My wife and I both agree you have a touch that is only in Ma Kush’s. Flavor wise and visually it is a contribution to culinary health, one we count on. I just wanted to let you know (I never write reviews) that we remain impressed. as your expansion seems inevitable, we will be there to support you.

Edwin & Karin N

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